Scale model picture of Friendship 7 produced
by Code 3 Collectibles

The 1:1 scale replica of Mercury capsule friendship 7 will be the most detailed full scale replica on the market today. A fantastic addition to any museum, school, or private collection with astonishing detail to mark America's first manned orbital flight with astronaut John Glenn as the astronaut aboard Friendship 7.

Actual mercury spacecraft in production. (The picture is obtained from "A Pictorial History of NASA", edited by Bill Yenne, 1989.)


Own your very own detailed replica of a mercury spacecraft. This is a detailed exterior replica of Friendship 7, the mercury spacecraft that put the first American, John Glenn into earth orbit. Our replica mercury spacecraft will resemble the spacecraft depicted in the photo on the left. It will be detailed to the EXACT configuration of Friendship 7.

Purchase price is $8,995.00.

Plus shipping and handling charges. Charges will vary on customer location.

You will not find a more accurate and highly detailed replica mercury spacecraft produced on the market.

If you require a detailed interior, please call for specifications and a price quote. Also please contact us for your rental needs and price quotations.

We also offer a one half full scale cutaway model that could be hung on a wall. Call for pricing.

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