Moonspacesuits is building highly detailed and accurate models of spacecraft and space related items. Each product is hand made and manufactured and delivered in a timely manner.

We are currently introducing our first product. This is a customized 1/12 Atomic City Mercury Spacecraft. This model can be constructed for all mercury missions with an optional display stand and case currently in the final the design stage. However the model will sit very nicely and stable on the retro pack and makes an AWESOME presentation.

This is an extremely detailed modified mercury spacecraft Replica. The model comes in three configurations.

  1. 1. Complete model with parachute packed in housing and extremely detailed glow in the dark instrument panel.
  2. Complete model with added interior cockpit lights and beacon light. (None of the switches or lights are visible on display).
  3. Complete model with cockpit lights, beacon light, and a 20 second sound chip from the mission that the model is a replica of.

Price Option 1: 679.99
Price Option 2: 729.99
Price Option 3: 749.99

We are also fabricating 1/12 scale Mercury Redstone Rocket and a 1/12 Atlas Rocket Rocket to fit the 1/12 Mercury spacecraft. Please email us for details or questions. The pictures show the detail and level of quality that moonspacesuits is proud to deliver to the collectors.