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Alan Bean - Astronaut
Captain, U.S. Navy , retired
Lunar Module Pilot Apollo XII
and Commander, Skylab II
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Dick Gordon
- Astronaut
Captain, U.S. Navy, retired
Gemini XI Spacewalker
Command Module Pilot Apollo XII
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Edgar Mitchell, Sc. D. - Astronaut
Captain, USN retired
Lunar Module Pilot Apollo XIV

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Space is a hostile environment. There is no atmosphere therefore is no oxygen to breathe. There is no pressure to keep our bodies intact. There also is no gravity in space, and only 1/6 the gravity of earth on the moon, but gravity is not essential for life with relatively short duration spaceflight. Therefore astronauts must take the essentials for life with them. That means they need to bring their own oxygen, water, and travel in a pressurized spacecraft.

If an astronaut wants to travel outside their spacecraft, such as walking on the moon or performing a spacewalk, they must wear a spacesuit. In essence, a spacesuit is like a "mini" spacecraft that the astronaut wears to provide all of the essentials for life.


The spacesuit provides breathing oxygen, pressure, protection from micrometeorites and heating and cooling to keep the astronaut at a comfortable temperature. Temperatures in space can range from +120 degrees Celsius in the sun to -120degrees Celsius in the shade. The space suit keeps the astronaut at a comfortable temperature by utilizing circulating water in an undergarment that the astronaut wears close to the skin.

On earth the atmosphere exerts a constant pressure on our bodies of about 14.7 pounds/square inch measured at sea level. Our atmosphere is composed of approximately 20% oxygen with the remainder of the atmosphere composed mainly of nitrogen with other gasses such as carbon dioxide contributing a smaller extent. Spacesuits are only pressurized to about 30% of the pressure exerted here on earth but because the astronauts are breathing pure oxygen, they are able to obtain all the oxygen they need at this reduced pressure.

Spacesuits are a marvel of intricate engineering allowing the astronaut to live and work in the vacuum of space. Without them we would have never heard Neil Armstrong say "That's one small step for man .... one giant leap for mankind".

The only still picture of the first man to set foot on the moon, Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong, standing next to the lunar module "Eagle" at Tranquility base, July, 1969.
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